Friday, April 9, 2010

Vivek Oberoi hot kissing scene with Aruna Shields in PRINCE made him shy!!

Vivek Oberoi, the gutsy actor of blockbusters ‘Company,’ ‘Saathiya’, etc, who plays lead in upcoming flick ‘Prince-It’s Showtime’ has a hot kissing scene with leading lady Aruna Shields, which made him shy in contrast to his macho avatar as needed by the subject of the film.

However, it was Aruna Shields who assured Vivek Oberoi of full cooperation and understanding during the sequence and bailed him out of the tricky situation. The same was the case with two other hotties-- Nandana Sen and Niroo Singh- who also play lead roles opposite Vivek Oberoi in the film. In fact, Vivek confesses that the film required a lot of hot kissing and other scenes between the actor and his co-stars, but he was not comfortable with these.vivekaruna prince hot 
However, he had to give in as per demand of the story of the film. The story has Vivek Oberoi playing the part of a street smart thief who romances these three gorgeous beauties much in the fashion of James Bond 007 flicks. The movie is being directed by Kookie Gulati and produced by Tips Industries. The film has a big budget and is being made on a grand scale.
Vivek Oberoi assures that the audience would see him in a quite different avatar in the ‘Prince-Its Showtime’. The flick is out and out action and will have Vivek Oberoi jumping from twenty-eighth floors several times.

In fact, before going for the shooting of the film, Vivek Oberoi had to undergo five months of rigorous physical training to prepare for the role. As the film required high voltage action sequences from the main lead, it was not possible to go with the original look of Vivek Oberoi. He lost around fourteen kgs before going to shoot the film.
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