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Adultery will always be there: Aruna Shields

aruna mr singh mrs mehta Aruna Shields has grabbed many eyeballs with her nude scenes in the upcoming movie Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta. But she would not want the focus to shift from the film and its main theme of extramarital affairs to her steamy scenes. Her own take on extramarital affairs is quite impressive.

“I don’t agree with (extramarital) affairs as they cause pain and secrets in relationships...but people will always have them and for a variety of usually selfish and complicated reasons: neglect, insecurity, boredom, midlife crisis, weakness, excitement, stupidity, loneliness, revenge,” Aruna reveals in an interview. In the movie Aruna plays Neera, a girl from small town who is an agony aunt columnist.

She advices others on their relationship and discovers that her husband is cheating on her. Thereafter, she too has an affair with another man. “Neera has her affair out of loneliness, despair and confusion. Also her conscience is relieved because she knows her husband is also cheating on her!” Aruna justifies her character’s infidelity in the film. Aruna made her Bollywood debut as an action babe in the Vivek Oberoi-starrer Prince. “From a high action film like Prince to a film based purely on relationships, you can say that it has been quiet a jump.

I’ve been blessed to have done a variety of different roles so early on in my career,” says the British hottie who has also done theatre and acted in the stone-age flick ‘AO: The Last Neanderthal’. Starring Prashant Narayanan opposite Aruna, Mr Singh Mrs Mehta is set to release on June 25.

Pravesh Bharadwaj's wife upset over nude scenes in Mr Singh

Bollywood director Pravesh Bharadwaj's wife is upset with her husband over the nudity in his film Mr Singh Mrs Mehta, which stars Aruna Shields and Prashant Narayanan.

Though the censor board has passed all the nude scenes and love sequences between Aruna Shields and Prashant Narayanan in the film with an 'A' certificate, the director's wife Shruti Nagar (who works with Rajshri Productions) has objected to the way the director has repeatedly caught the couple in intimate postures all through the film.

There are three lengthy lovemaking scenes in Mr Singh Mrs Mehta.

The director's wife feels her husband has overdone the sex and nudity. Apparently she has made her displeasure amply clear to her husband.

Pravesh said: "There is one particular lovemaking sequence to which my wife Shruti reacted very strongly. Yes, Shruti did object saying, Ek aadh scene hota to koi baat nahin par yahan to puri film iske hi ird-gird ghoom rahi hai (one odd scene would have been fine, but the entire film revolves around this)."

"She was very upset about the subject matter itself. There is a sequence in the film where Neera (Aruna Shields) undresses in a way that her clothes come off one by one. Shruti, my wife thought I should tone it down."

Pravesh did reconsider his approach to nudity, kissing and lovemaking. "It did make me rethink but it was a critical sequence in the film. I think she is upset that her husband made a film where nudity is central to the story itself. Actually she doesn't approve of the script and the reason being nudity."

The director admits the nudity content is over-the-top. And the censors suggested that the lady's bare back be blurred.

The director hopes that the bare flesh is not misconstrued to be meant for titillation.

"The film has been written for the average Indian viewer. I know I am taking a risk and I hope they get the point. otherwise I fail. but I am confident it gets across."

Pravesh feels the censor board has demonstrated a deep maturity in passing the film.

"We did have more than one revising committee screenings and lots of anxious moments. But if you ask me I would like to send a bouquet to censor board. No scene has been snipped."

"I am quite relieved that film was cleared. I was very nervous and afraid as people around me started counting the kisses also. I did not have the budget to shoot alternate shots so depending on the clearance either I had a film on hand or none," he said.

"I have shot the film in a certain manner where cutting out a sequence or faster cutting of certain scenes would have killed my narrative style," he added.



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Interview with Aruna

Tell us more about your character Neera Singh
Neera is evolving throughout the story. At the beginning she's a young innocent, naive girl who has recently got married and is besotted by her husband. As she discovers he is cheating on her, her world is shattered and her journey of self-discovery begins. Her ideals and life philosophy are challenged throughout. She eventually has her own affair, later she allows herself to be a muse and painted naked ...and in doing grows in confidence, her body language changes and she becomes more extroverted. She blossoms into an independent woman who can take on the world.
Do you relate to a character like Neera?
I related to Neera on many levels going back to when I was an insecure teenager, remembering and transferring those experiences in my own life which changed me. Remembering my behaviour and thought processes when I had been hurt in relationships. I often used subtle physicality to express her feelings
Working in hindi language must have been difficult.
Yes it was. The words are not important to me... it is the feelings behind the words which count. But in order to allow emotions to flow you can't be fishing for lines as it takes you out of the I had a HUGE task making sure I knew lines extremely well.
How was it working with an intense actor like Prashant Narayanan.
Prashant has a great personality, he's always laughing and happy and his positive energy is infectious. He is a great laugh, is down to earth and loads of fun. I will always remember on our last day we went driving in the Welsh countryside with the roof down at night. We took it in turns to stand up and scream Hindi words. Usually the ones I stuffed up on.
CHECK OUT: Aruna Shields goes nude
What has been your experience working in Bollywood so far?
What I love about Bollywood is it's energy and life. Mumbai has an strangely addictive quality and even though you're hot and bothered when you're there....when you leave you miss it's craziness. Everywhere you look there is a mini drama going on which is intriguing to watch. I have friends who have emigrated from England to Mumbai and when they come back to the UK they feel like they are entering utopia, everything runs smoother, however after a couple of weeks they get fidgety and bored.
My understanding of Bollywood is that it is The Matrix... a complex mystery, I have no idea why things happen the way they do and everything runs at a much faster pace. Everything is constantly changing...including scripts!!! I think I learnt 9 versions of PRINCE, last minute. I try to look on the bright's good for the mind. Also I'm too busy learning lines so it keeps me out of trouble.
Any plans of making Mumbai your base?
I'm so proud to have had the opportunity to work in the incredible world of Bollywood cinema, and at such a high level. Depending on the scripts I will continue to consider work offers from India. Even so, I'm not a Bollywood actor but an international actor and would like to remain so. This means I have management in different countries (England, America, France and India) Regarding shifting base to one place, this is difficult because of the nature of my work. I'm a bit like a gypsy and travel all over. Maybe I will settle one day, I'll go with the flow and see what happens.
What are the other projects you are working on?
It's exciting times and I have the starring lead in studio feature film called AO THE LAST NEANDERTHAL releasing in September. It's a gritty beauty and the beast love story based 30,000 years ago.

Interview with Aruna Shields

British actor Aruna Shields, of Anglo Indian descent, begun her education at a convent school before winning an academic scholarship to attend boarding school. She went onto gain a distinction from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She also obtained a degree from Central St Martins, London. Aruna's passion lay in performance and while at a theatrical workshop she was spotted by an acting agent.
Aruna has lead roles in studio feature films out worldwide in cinemas 2010:
She plays the challenging lead of AKI in the epic adventure AO: THE LAST NEANDERTHAL, a gritty beauty and the beast love story based 30,000 years ago. Film is expected to release in September 2010 and is produced by cinema chain UGC whose last film was the Oscar nominated A PROPHET.
Aruna launched to stardom overnight in Bollywood with her debut in action-thriller PRINCE. The press labeled her as India's new Bond girl. MR SINGH MRS MEHTA is her second Bollywood release.
Aruna Shields has gone for a complete image makeover with her new film MR SINGH MRS MEHTA, which releases on June 25. From a desi Bond babe, Shields has transformed herself into a girl-next-door from a small town in this film.

Tell us about your new film MR SINGH MRS MEHTA
MR SINGH MRS MEHTA which releases on June 25 is the directorial debut of Pravesh Bhardwaj who has assisted directors like Shyam Benegal and Gulzar and is produced by Medient. Set in London, MR SINGH MRS MEHTA is the story of Ashwin Mehta and Neera Singh who find that their spouses are having an affair. Drawn together by shame and anger, they find comfort in their growing friendship even as they resolve not to be like their unfaithful mates.
How do you view this whole issue of extramarital affairs which have become now so common in the modern society?
I don't agree with affairs as they cause pain and secrets in relationships...but

"Bollywood is a complex mystery"

people will always have them and for a variety of usually selfish and complicated reasons: Neglect, insecurity, boredom, midlife crisis, weakness, excitement, stupidity, loneliness, revenge. Neera has her affair out of loneliness, despair and confusion. Also her conscience is relieved because she knows her husband is also cheating on her! Every relationship is different and it's hard not to judge. Nobody is perfect. To make your relationship less vulnerable to an affair you really have to communicate, not take your partner for granted and respect each other.
What is you role in the film MR SINGH MRS MEHTA?
I play Neera Singh, a girl from small town who is an agony aunt columnist who advices others on their relationship and discovers that her husband is cheating on her. It's a film about relationships.
From desi bond girl to an agony aunt that's quite a jump in the range of role.
From a high action film like PRINCE to a film based purely on relationships, you can say that it has been quiet a jump. I've been blessed to have done a variety of different roles so early on in my career. I've played everything from femme fatale, girl next door, action hero to working class, even animalistic tribal woman. Even so, roles are easier to get when they are closer to what you actually are, because that's how you're perceived. Otherwise you have to work hard changing yourself and making it believable. Plus you're competing with other actors who naturally are that type with no effort. You can do it, I've done it but it takes preparation.
It's difficult changing your voice and physicality but extremely rewarding when the hard work pays off. You need good observational skills so you can watch how different people behave. Having intuition, spontaneity and trusting your choices is also important and has helped me a lot.
How did you get the part?
Pravesh was meeting actors from my agency at Pinewood studios and asked to see me. We met and we clicked. We went through sections of the script together. We communicated ideas about the script fluidly. Many actresses could have played my role and interpreted it in their way... but looking back I think I was chosen because I listened carefully to the director and we got on so well. He sensed I was very relaxed, laid back and relatively low maintenance which means less headaches and dramas for him. He knew I would work extremely hard and get the job done.

“Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta”, Aruna Shields Bare All Scene Passed by censor!

“Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta”, Aruna Shields bare all scene passed by censor! Pravesh Bhardwaj’s upcoming flick ‘Mr. Singh and Mrs. Mehta’ has been passed by the censor board with ‘A’ certificate and the Flick can now be released into theatres of the country.

The director Bhardwaj had to shown the film to several revising committees of the censor board.Of course, the revising members wanting Shilds’ exposed her private body parts to be blurred from the public viewing– but finally they gave their consent. The actress Aruna Sheelds poses in undressed for her painter-cum- boyfriend in the film.

Hot British actress, ArunaShields have done a steaming Hot movie before Prince. Her first movie is Jagmohan Mundra’s Private Moments in which she have some explicit Clothless scenes. According to ArunaSheelds, that “Private Moments” is UK version of the movie Sex and the City, in which the story revolves around sex lives of 4 women.

‘Mr.Singh and Mrs.Mehta’ is an upcoming latest Indian Hindi film starring Prashant Narayanan and Aruna Shields. It’s directed by Pravesh Bhardwaj, who has learnt the nuances of film making from the likes of Shyam Benegal, Gulzar, Aruna Raje and Govind Nihalani, to name a few. The film is produced by Manu Kumaran and is scheduled to be released in June 25th 2010.

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