Monday, June 14, 2010

Aruna disappointed with India

806298224 Aruna Shields who debuted in India through prince, is upset with the country. According to her, the country is too backward for her. This remark came after the awkward comments she received in the mall, which requests name to be kept in dark, after the public surrounded her and told her some bad words, which were similar to whore. This is interesting to note that these remarks were based on the porn film which the producers released in India casts Aruna shields.

When contacted producers of the adult film, they say we have full rights to release it anywhere and everywhere. According to a top official, who wishes not to disclose name, says it was the right to release film as the actress was quite popular in India after her debut film prince created a good name in Bollywood.

Aruna shields spokesman told us that the Aruna shields is very disappointed with the response of the mall visitors and expect an apology. She thinks her past was not glorious was that should not be the base for the future. According to her she did nothing wrong in doing adult film and that only brought her here.

It is interesting to point that Aruna shields is an Anglo-Indian and Katrina Kaif, the Bollywood diva is too Anglo.

Well aruna shields what we can wish is that may you receive a well response in future.


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